Thursday, November 28, 2013


Hi friends, in my section are characters created by me, there are some previous characters and others do not (long), on this page, all characters are free of viruses and very safe, which can be downloaded by 4Shared, here are character this is done today.

Jake the dog MVC2 style (with the Resurrection)
Date: 10/08/2013
Author: CyberAkumaTv
Link:  8-Bit MVC2 Jake V15.95
            Jake the dog style akuma
            Date: 04/07/2013
            Author: CyberAkumaTv
            Link:  Jake the dog style akuma

      Jenny Wakeman - XJ9
      Date: 01/09/2013
      Author: CyberAkumaTv
      Character:  Jenny XJ9 MVC2 (Winmugen)
      Character 2:  Jenny XJ9 MVC2 (MUGEN 1.0)

            Date: 08/02/2013
            Author: CyberAkumaTv
            Link:  Cyber-Jake V13

Stimpson J. Cat
Date: 20/06/2013
Author: CyberAkumaTv / MadOldCrow1105
Link:  Stimpson J. Cat V13
MOC1105 Link:  Stimpy1105

Omega Rugal (KOF 95 MVC2)
Version : Stable
Date: 12/11/2013
Author: CyberAkumaTv
Link:  Omega Rugal V13 MVC2
Char. 1.0:  Omega Rugal MVC2 1.0 V2

Saisyu Kusanagi  (KOF 95 MVC2)
Date: 31/12/2013
Version : Stable
Author: CyberAkumaTv
Link:  Saisyu Kusanagi V10.5 MVC2
Char. 1.0:  Saisyu Kusanagi MVC2 1.0 V2

                               Urien with (Resurrection) (Street Fighter 3)
                               Date: 01/02/2014
Version  : Stable
Author: CyberAkumaTv
Link:  SF3 Urien V9.5
Char. 1.0:  SF3 Urien 1.0 V10.5

       SF3 Akuma
       Date: 20/04/2014
       Version: Stable 
       Author: CyberAkumaTv
       Link:  Akuma SF3 V6.9
       Char 1.0: Akuma SF3 1.0 V11.7  +  (With the Shin Akuma)                                                 

ED-209 (Robocop) 
Date: 18/08/2014
Version   : Stable
Author: CyberAkumaTv
Char  1.0 : SF3 ED-209 1.0 V8
Char WinMUGEN SF3 ED-209 WIN V9

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